7 Books to make you a better consultant

1 Getting Naked The biggest takeaway I had was to just ask questions if you don’t know. I do this even in everyday life because there is always someone that doesn’t know. I’ve decided I’m just the person that’s always going to ask. 2 The Price is Right Best and shortest overview of pricing strategy […]

Listen deeply to find the real problem your client has

It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself (internal projects only), you work on client projects, or you’re employed with a direct boss. You’re only paid to solve problems with what you know. One of the key things a great consultant does is find the real problems their clients are having. Good consultants solve whatever […]

Make sure you know what type of company you run

You may think you’re a developer or designer or coach or under water basket weaver. You’re not really any of those things though. Sure you may write code or design, but that’s not really what your job is. May Marketing Series

Are you changing this just because it makes you more comfortable?

There are lots of cool tools out now. Developers can dive into a new JavaScript framework almost every day and each one is bigger/better/faster than previous ones. These new tools are often shiny and fun, and there is nothing wrong with trying them out, but there is something wrong when you foist them on your […]

You need to give your clients freedom

So many ‘freelance’ guru’s tell you to get clients on your hosting, or some other form of lock in. Today I’m going to talk about why I think that’s a bad idea.

You provide value by solving a client’s problem

I hate hourly pricing. Why? Because on the client side, it’s way too open-ended and for you, it doesn’t factor in the years of experience you’ve built up prior to the current project you’re pricing. It also puts the value in simply showing up, not in producing real results with your time. Butt in seat?? […]

How to start running effective meetings today

If you’re still in a job and looking to get out working for yourself, one of the best things you can do is to start running better meetings. In almost every company someone can call a meeting with 10 people that costs over $1,000/hour but would never actually spend $1,000 of company money. Then on […]

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