The 10 Productivity and Business Books You Should Read

There is a plethora of productivity books out there to read. So many that you could make reading them a full-time job, and even getting through a few a week you’d be further behind at the end of the year than when you started. Today I want to talk about the ones that I think […]

How I achieve paper 0

Despite our best efforts we still have to deal with paper. You still get receipts you can write off while your out. You still need to write things down sometimes. You need a way to track all those pieces of paper. Today I’m talking about how I deal with the paper that comes in to […]

The ways you let communication ruin your life

The online world is amazing. Every week we get new awesome tools that can make our lives better. From dropping email and using instant communication methods like Slack, to automating parts of our lives with services like Zapier. There is so much to be thankful for and amazed by online. There is also a subtle […]

What does a good review and goal planning process look like?

The weekly review is a key part to an effective productivity system. When I’ve tracked my productivity I’ve seen a 15 – 20% drop in what I get done in a week if I miss my weekly review. Today I’m going to tell you what my quarterly, weekly, and daily review process looks like.

What does a good productivity system look like?

I know you want to find the right tool to get your job done. That one magical thing that fits your mode of working and suddenly you’re getting all your tasks done all the time. In this quest we all end up searching around trying whatever new thing shines the brightest. Each of these options […]

GTD, Zeigarnick open loops and Pomodoro

I know you want to be productive, actually a better word is effective. I say effective and NOT productive because you could productively do work that you shouldn’t have been doing in the first place. Effective is doing well the work that you should be doing. Today I’m going to talk about GTD, Zeigarnik effect, […]

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