Are You Coaching the Person or the Problem?

There are three different parties in coaching Coach Person Problem According to Chad W. Hall, there are also three levels of coaching which he describes in Coach The Person Not The Problem. Beginner: Coach the Problem Better: Coach the Problem through the Person Transformational: Coach the Person for Internal Change Hall contends in this short […]

If You Want a Great Team, First Break All The Rules

What are the unspoken rules of management? The ones you follow because you feel you should, even when you may have an inkling that they no longer apply? Stuff like, treat everyone the same, even when you know some of your people are amazing and can be trusted and others are terrible and likely shouldn’t […]

There Is Power in Meaning: a Look at How to Find It

I don’t think that most of us are truly questing after success, at least not as typically defined by the world. Yes, we want enough money to afford some nice things. Enough that we can create margin in our lives. We don’t want every day to feel like a struggle to meet the necessities. What […]

Business change, make sure you have a plan to pivot effectively

Most of us have heard that people won’t be working one job for their whole life. In fact if you’ve been doing the same thing for more than 2 – 5 years employers are starting to wonder what’s wrong with you. Where a 180 in a career focus was once seen as a black mark […]

How to transform your business with generosity

Who doesn’t like presents? If you’re saying to yourself right now that you don’t like presents…I don’t believe you. We all love something special at Christmas, our birthday or on Valentine’s Day. Even better are those surprise gifts that come on some random Tuesday — in fact, those may be the best gifts. They show […]

Is your ego getting in the way of the life you want?

What is our ego? For many of you, the thought of ego may conjure visions of a character like Megamind with a huge head and huge brain. I want you to think of the character whose head is huge not because they have a huge brain, but because they can’t get over themselves. They think […]

What is Essential in your life?

Quick question: Do you want to be scattered, running around like a chicken with your head cut off or do you want to be able to focus on the most fun, Essential parts of your work? Yeah that’s a softball — pretty much everyone is going to choose to focus on work that’s Essential. With […]

Trouble happens! How do we get stronger through it?

When hard times come, do you want to be the type of person that makes it through the fire to the other side, refined by that fire? Of course you do! Assuming anything else would be…silly. How does one become resilient through trials, though? What traits are evident in those who have not only survived […]

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