Dealing with odd responses to your initial client email

Today we’re back on the subject of vetting clients with initial emails. To see the ground we’ve already covered you can check out the rest of my Client Vetting Series. What if, after sending the initial email questions, the answers you get are…odd? How do you deal with that? Let’s look at some answers I’ve […]

Why I require my initial questions answered

One of the best moves I made with my prospect sales process is building out a standard first email. Yesterday I gave you my basic formula and explained each part of the email. I left off asking: But what if the prospect doesn’t really answer the questions? Ranges are fine The most common questions that […]

Components of your initial prospect email contact

If you’ve actually taken the time to specialize in your services, then at some point you’ll see your inquires dramatically increase. I get between 5 and 10 a week, which includes prospects emailing me as well as referrals from other developers. These referrals are typically for work that I specialize in, that the other developer doesn’t offer. […]

Vetting clients with your first email

We all get a lot of email don’t we, it’s hard to keep up with. It’s hard to keep up with the new client requests if you’re doing your marketing right unless you take some steps to automate it. I have most of the emails I send to clients automated in templates because it lets […]

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