Here are the Keys to Getting Focused Amazing Work done for Freelancers

We’ve spent the last few weeks talking about getting your deep, focused work done in the midst of all the distractions that are thrown our way. A friend of mine inspired the series as we looked at his work in the midst of needing to deal with support. Today, we’ll go over the essential elements […]

If you Want to Do Great Work NO Is Your Best Friend

The single word you need most to get more productive is the word no. It’s the word that goes into battle for your priorities. Being comfortable with no let me decide to suck at email for a few days in late November while I finished off a video course. When I asked myself this question: […]

Your Language Makes Excuses for Your Poor Habits

Your language is a window into what your actual thoughts are. When you say “I have to…” what you’re most often saying is “Other people expect me to … and I can’t say no”. When you say “But people will be upset about ….” What you’re really saying is “I can’t get over maybe disappointing […]

Sorting Your Tasks Based on Energy For Better Deep Work

So far in my series on deep work we’ve covered: How to get deep work in when you have random urgent tasks to do The Mullet Method of Deep Work You’ve Only Got 100% to Give For a Few Hours, Then You Have 20% Notifications are stupid If you’ve read them all, you’ve got a […]

All Those Stupid Notifications Don’t Matter

The day after I talked to Eric about his focus times I tried to derail him in Slack. The message went something like this: You shouldn’t be seeing this Eric. You’re supposed to be focused on work. So focus. What do you NEED Need is a hard word because often those around us try to […]

You’ve only got 100% to give for a few hours then you have 20%

Yesterday I talked about my Mullet Method of focused work. One of the keys to that method is that I take a big break from 9 – 12. This break fuels me up for my Manager time later in the day and then for some more Maker time. In October and November 2017, I cut […]

The Mullet Method of Deep Work

There are two pictures of me that I think are stellar. I’m 6 or 7 in them. In one I’m missing a front tooth, and I’m wearing a red plaid shirt. I have short hair up top, and you guessed it, long hair in the back. The other picture is almost the same, except I […]

How Do I get Deep Work Done in the Midst of Random Priority Distractions

A reader name Eric reached out to me recently with this question: I just Instapaper’d a couple of your deep work articles but I had a question: what can you do to get the most deep work possible when a good chunk of your time is taken up by unscheduled, urgent, and energy draining tasks […]

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