The five Ws you need answered by a prospect

You’ve probably heard of the Five W’s (and one H) before. If you don’t remember them, let’s review them — or at least a variation of them you can use with prospects. Who is responsible? or Who is the buyer? What needs to happen? Where do we expect to see change? When does the project […]

The Questions you need answered before you get on the phone with a prospect

There are a few questions you need answered before you even get on the phone with a prospect. This is all part of vetting prospects to make sure they fit your ideal client profile. Watch today’s episode to hear what my required questions are. Why I require my initial questions answered Effective Client Email

Show interest in your prospects’ problems with echoing questions

When your prospects read your proposal they want to read about their problems — in the words they use. When your prospects talk to you before a proposal they want to hear their words coming out of your mouth. They want to hear their business problems and know that you’re interested. They want to feel […]

Using the 5 Whys Questioning Method with Your Prospects

Most business owners are looking for a quick fix to a problem. They search out a developer, designer, or consultant to quickly devise and implement a solution to their problem. What they’re really asking for is generally a Band-Aid for a wound that really needs antibiotics. While you could take on this project it’s probably […]

That wasn’t a question the prospect asked

“Huh, that’s expensive” “I didn’t realize it would take that long” “Well that’s an interesting contract” I’m sure you’ve heard statements like that from clients. Note those are statements not questions but we often treat them as questions. Watch today’s episode to see how to deal with non-questions.

Are you asking the right questions in your initial prospect meetings?

This month we’re going to talk all about questions since they’re a very important part of running a good consulting business. If you want to earn more you need to start asking better questions so you can find the true problems a prospect has with their business. Without good questions you’re not going to find […]

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