Extra project pricing considerations

The thing that really used to kill me on flat rate projects was project management time. One client would take little hand holding, but I’d have charged a lot. Then the next client would want me on the phone daily and I’d have charged too little. It seemed like something I almost never got right. […]

Answering Questions about Weekly Pricing

Yesterday I talked about how I think you should price your services. Weekly pricing rocks and long ago I wrote about why it rocks. On episode 97 of the Freelancer’s Show I answered question on weekly pricing from my co-hosts. I think that you should go listen to the episode but I’m going to hit […]

Project Price Anchoring

It’s great to say that you charge $3000/wk or even $10,000/wk but how on earth do you actually justify that to a client? What makes your customer think that paying for your services is worthwhile? Price Anchoring First we need to understand what price anchoring is. We’ll start by seeing what Wikipedia has to say. […]

Dealing with price dickering

One of the huge annoyances service providers encounter when they start talking pricing with clients is when the client asks you to provide the service for less. You say you can do a job for $1500 and the next question out of the client’s mouth is: How about doing it for $1000. Yeah great way […]

How should I price my services?

Our first post in the Pricing Series talked about all the different methods you could use to price your services. Yesterday I talked about how your speed at something shouldn’t affect your pricing (which is why hourly is a big bag of suck). Today I’m going to talk about the 2 pricing methods I use […]

Speed and Pricing

When you start any type of work you’re slow. When I started building WordPress themes it took me 2 weeks to get something that I’d barely say is halfway passable (looking back at it now). Now that I’ve been building themes for 5 years I can build a basic theme that would pass all of […]

The Definitive Guide to Freelance Pricing

Pricing is damn hard. If anyone tells you they have it all figured out ask them again in 6 months and it’s likely they’re doing something just a bit different then last time you talked to them. I get asked about pricing all the time and to start our Pricing Series we’re going to take […]

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