The power of repetition in achieving your ideal life

Simply repeatedly daily, revisiting your ideal statement will reinforce the filters you have an your business. Instead of taking on one off projects maybe you only take on projects that yield sellable products after?

3 systems you need to have in place for a successful business

Years ago when I managed a climbing gym we had an issue with the Tuesday night closing routine. Yes, the person in charge of it was generally awesome, but week after week the gym just wasn’t as clean as it should be when we came in Wednesday morning. Nothing major was missed but all sorts […]

What you need to build your ideal week

There I was — relishing a week in total ‘flow’ state[1]. Nothing could stop me. I didn’t have 52 things pulling my attention away from what mattered. I could focus day in, day out on what mattered. The quality of my work reflected that heightened level of focus. Even things I expected to be difficult […]

Write your ideal life statement daily

Earlier this month I talked about your single statement about your business. I’ll review mine for you: My business will let me spend much of my time travelling and in the wilderness. From there you need to define what needs to be true for you to get to that ideal statement but when I started […]

This must be true for your ideal life

Last Tuesday we talked about your ideal life and how you define what that looks like for you. For me it means spending time in the mountains, and with my kids. I haven’t yet achieved my ideal, but I know my goal, which means I can start — and stay — on the path. My […]

How will you be?

Tuesday we talked about your ideal life and what it would look like. Here’s another question, what would you act like? How would you dress? What type of events would you go to? If you had that ideal life now? Dan Miller of the 48 Days Podcast threw a very interesting party where you were […]

What is the ‘ideal life’ anyway?

Do you know what your ‘ideal life’ is? The life that would leave you fulfilled daily because you’re working on awesome stuff? Note I said working? Some of you may have been thinking of lounging on a beach, drink in hand and not a care in the world. I hate to break it to you, […]

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