17hats Review

In 2014 I used Bidsketch (see my review) to do all my estimates and FreeAgent (no review for this one) to handle the invoicing for my projects. As I said in my Bidsketch review, one downside to using this pair of tools was that I was left with double entry for all my contacts. I’d enter a prospect into […]

Solo Review – it’s a short review

I mentioned a few weeks back that I was maybe looking at a new invoicing software. Then Ronin went and got purchased by Godaddy and my move was sealed. One of my first stops on the way was Thrive Solo. I had tried the app a few years back and remembered thinking it was nice […]

Ronin Review – Invoicing and Time Tracking for Samurai’s

There are so many billing systems out there and it’s hard to know which one is right for you. I’ve been using Ronin for about a year now and here is my review. It should be noted that I started this review before I found out Ronin was acquired by Godaddy. Had Ronin been a […]

Harvest Online Invoicing & Time Tracking

I wrote a while ago about Billings and how it’s pretty okay but it’s missing a few key features that make it a half baked solution. The biggest selling point of Billings was that it doesn’t incur a monthly fee. One of the biggest issues with Billings is the crappy reporting features and I’m certainly […]

Billings Review – It’s Close but Not Quite

Edit:We had a server mishap so the images are missing and we’ll get back to them at some point. One of the first things any new freelancer (or anyone who’s put it off) is to nail down your estimating/invoicing workflow. If you can’t get an estimate out you can’t get a project, if you can’t […]

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