Freelancing and licensing your work

Our last stop in legal matters will be licensing of your work to clients. Do you give clients unlimited license to do whatever they want with your work? Can they resell it or just use it on other marketing material for their business? Do they need to come back to you for edits? Do you […]

Freelancing and contracts

Today we’re talking about contracts: What is a contract? Why should you be using one? What stuff should it have in it? What is my contract? What is a contract Let’s see what our old friend Wikipedia has to say first. A contract is an agreement having a lawful object entered into voluntarily by two […]

Freelancing and non-compete agreements

In our first post we talked about NDA’s, what are they and do you sign them? Today we’re going to look at non-compete agreements. What is a non-compete? Again let’s start by seeing exactly what Wikipedia says about them. A non-compete clause (often NCC), or covenant not to compete (CNC), is a term used in […]

Freelancing and the NDA

Our first stop in legal week is the NDA. What is an NDA? We’ll start by defining what an NDA is. According to Wikipedia an NDA is: An NDA creates a confidential relationship between the parties to protect any type of confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets. As such, an NDA protects nonpublic business […]

Legal Week

Woohooo contracts and legal stuff – said no freelancer ever. Despite how much we may hate dealing with the legal aspect of our business it’s something we can’t overlook. Would you like to forget a contract then have no recourse when someone walks away without paying you? Would you like to set up your business […]

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