If you want clients don’t just wing it, have a marketing plan

All month we’ve talked about marketing and how to use your content to bring in leads regularly so you can have a business that pays your bills. Most of that was overall strategy though, not the tactics of really getting the marketing done regularly. Today we’re going to talk about a plan you can put […]

Every interaction is marketing

What you write or podcast is not the only type of marketing you do. Every interaction you have with your prospects is marketing. From your initial email to your contract, it all speaks of what it’s going to be like working with you.

How to market when you’re not a writer or blogger

Writing is a muscle. When I started writing — over 1,000 posts ago, on this site alone — I had a poorly developed writing muscle. But by continuing to write and pitch my content to others I got better, and continue to get better. As you read this I’ve published in excess of 70,000 words […]

Is cold calling or emailing worth your time?

In my first version of Effective Client Email I gave you a guide to cold emails. While I still think the content I provided will help you send better cold emails, it won’t be in the next version of ECE. Today we’re going to talk about why I’m not including guides on cold emailing or […]

Which social media channels should you use to market your business?

While we don’t see a new social media channel weekly anymore, we do see new options pop up a number of times a year. Should you rush to use them as they come out? Should you wait? How long should you wait to join the latest greatest all singing all dancing social channel?

How and where do you market to your niche?

Last week we talked about finding your niche and how by picking a niche you are able to focus your marketing efforts only on those people who are truly interested in your services. Proper marketing can answer the top questions of the prospects in your niche and you won’t be waffling all around trying to […]

Who do you write for in your marketing material?

You know you should be putting out content regularly to get in front of your clients but what about writing for your colleagues? Is it worth it? What’s the biggest trap people fall in to when they generate content for their sites or for guest posts? Watch today to find out.

Want to build marketing that works while you sleep? Find a niche.

I know you want clients. You want lots of clients of decent quality so that you can be picky and choose the ones that fit your ideal client profile. If you want this it all starts with a niche. Do less to do more Contrary to the thoughts of most consultants and business owners the […]

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