September Reading

This September was a lot of fiction and a bit of self-improvement/interesting f reading. As always, jump to the bottoms for links to my other monthly reading posts. Blink By the well known Malcolm Gladwell, Blink is about our powers of rapid cognition, or how we make snap judgments. This is my second read and […]

August Reading

It’s time for the recap of my reading in August. I’ve been really into fiction lately so there are 3 Omnibus books and only 2 business books (yeah that’s still like 10 books total in August). If you want to see some of the other installments in my monthly reading scroll to the end of […]

June and July Reading

Well my June reading post got a bit missed, it was written but I forgot to publish it. So today you get a combined June/July reading list. In June I went to BeachPress and I traveled home via bike which meant 700km of riding and lots of listening time. The first 3 books listed were […]

May Reading

I only got through 3 books this month instead of my usual 4 and none of them were business related. Sometimes a mental break is just what you need. 1. Smart Money Smart Kids This is the latest book by Dave Ramsey and I’m a big fan. Getting smart with money got my family to […]

April 2014 Reading List

1. Darth Plagueis This was actually finished March 31, but I already had the March post written, so I let it bump over to April. Darth Plagueis takes places starting a while before Star Wars Episode I and finishes as Palpatine is elected Supreme Chancellor of the senate. We get to see Palpatine’s master and […]

What I read – March 2014

This is my first instalment in a monthly series recapping the books I’ve read in a month. Today you’re looking at the books I finished in March. It’s likely to mostly be business books but do expect some fiction, parenting and marriage stuff as well. Yes most of the links are going to be affiliate […]

Monthly reading recap

I’m starting a monthly post about the books I’ve read that month. If you didn’t know it already I read a lot. My family doesn’t watch TV during the week days and even when we put a movie on over the weekend it’s not uncommon for me to read anyway. I certainly read through the […]

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