CoSchedule, Revive Old Post, and Buffer: My Social Content Tools

I believe we all know the power of sharing when it comes to building an online audience. But now that I’m posting here regularly, sharing this content could be a really big job; something I’d have to give my attention to a few times a day. However, while I do want to share my content […]

17hats Review

In 2014 I used Bidsketch (see my review) to do all my estimates and FreeAgent (no review for this one) to handle the invoicing for my projects. As I said in my Bidsketch review, one downside to using this pair of tools was that I was left with double entry for all my contacts. I’d enter a prospect into […]

Processing Email with Dispatch and Postbox

Email is likely the biggest inbox you deal with on a daily basis. If you’re like me, email may make up the 3 biggest inboxes you deal with every day. You hear about those people who maintain an Inbox 0 status daily, and you hate them (go ahead, admit you do). But do you know […]

Should you use Nozbe or Todoist?

Going into 2015 I needed to make a change to my productivity and workflow tools. Redbooth, my primary tool for 2014, was decent (see my big review) but was missing a few things that I found more and more annoying as time went by. In no particular order, these were the ‘big’ problems for me: […]

Bidsketch Review

Today we’re looking at Bidsketch, another tool I loved in 2014. We’ve all written estimates for clients right? My early process worked, but involved a number of steps and proved to be time-consuming. When I needed to create a new estimate, I would use Pages along with a template I pulled from somewhere or other. Once […]

Redbooth Review

Before we jump in to this review I want to remind you that if you choose use the same tools I do, there is no guarantee you will get the same results as me. My reviews are intended to show you how I used the tool and what I loved/hated about it. If you pick […]

My 2014 Tools and What’s New in 2015

This week we’re going to take a look at the tools I used in 2014 and the changes I plan to make in 2015. Before we embark on this, though, I want to remind you of something. Just because you use the same tool as someone else doesn’t mean you will get their results. Way […]

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