If You Want to Be Productive You have to Suck at Something

The worst question my wife used to ask me was: “Did you get everything done today?” The answer was never yes which always meant that it was demoralizing to answer it. It was like my stupid statement: “The kids slept great last night…right.” No they didn’t I just sleep like a stone and that made […]

A New Productivity System Must Solve Problems

The second key concept you need to embrace when you’re looking at your productivity management system is that you need to be solving a problem. Changing your system is a painful expensive process. You already know the keyboard commands for your current tools. You know where they don’t work well and have devised ways around […]

What Are Your Hobbies?

Today I’m going to keep going on the theme of being more “me” and tell you a bunch about the rest of the things I enjoy and do. The links to my other “places” online are below if you’re interested in following up with me in many places. I can see why you would be, […]

The Key Productivity Concept of Constraint

One of the key ideas that I built my system on is constraints. It’s the reason I use a mostly analogue system for my task management. The idea is that by making it harder to write down some ideas, I’m forced to judge their worth right away. I can’t whip out my phone and jot […]

The Key Concepts for Choosing A Productivity System

Finding a good productivity system is so much more than the mechanics of whatever tool you use. In fact, almost every tool is more or less the same. They have due dates, and start dates. You can organize things into projects and sub-folders. Some of them allow collaboration and some don’t. Some follow Agile methods […]

How Do You Pick a Good Productivity System?

Over the course of the next number of weeks we’re going to take a look at what it takes to have a great productivity system. We’re going to dig through the whole thing, starting with the assumptions I have made as I’ve built it out. Yes, it’s always a bit of a work in progress, […]

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