Billing that dead project

One thing I missed talking about in the series on stuck projects was how I determine if a project is stuck and how on earth do I bill for it? Project Based Billing A killer to your productivity, overall motivation and cash flow is the stuck project. When I billed per project (and not weekly […]

Cutting a project loose

Despite your best efforts to get a project back on track sometimes you’re just going to have to cut a project loose. In my second post this week we talked about dealing with a stuck project and took 2 approaches: When it’s your fault When it’s the client’s fault Today we’ll talk about ways the […]

How to make sure projects don’t get stuck

Our first post in this series on stuck projects covered why projects get stuck. Yesterday we talked about how to get that project going again. Today we’re going to talk a little bit more about getting projects unstuck, but more importantly how to make sure that they don’t get stuck in the first place. Track […]

Dealing with the stuck aftermath

Yesterday we we talked about the reasons that projects get stuck. Today we’re going to look at ways to deal with a stuck project and get it going again. Figure out where/why it’s stuck The first step is to figure out why the project is stuck in the first place. Have you been tracking the […]

4 reasons projects get stuck

This week we’re going to cover stuck projects. Despite our best efforts we all have them, that project that’s 2 years old and molding away but sticking it’s head up just enough so that we know it’s around and not quite dead yet. Let’s start by talking about why/how these projects happen. Waiting for the […]

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