Take a Deep Breath

Have you ever considered how much your reaction time affects your response to a situation? Let’s take a moment today to consider this in the context of your business. Suppose you get an angry email from a client — do you reply right away or do you wait? Does your choice here affect your ultimate […]

Don’t Monologue

Have you watched The Incredibles? Remember the part where Syndrome is giving a monologue and Mr. Incredible catches him off guard? This is a common theme in superhero movies. The villain reveals his whole dastardly plan then creates some absurd way to kill the hero, who then comes up with an equally absurd way to […]

Take Ownership of Problems

Have you ever failed? I have. I’m currently behind on a project and I’m really not sure how I’m going to catch up, since next week I’ll be taking a trip to Mexico and won’t be taking my laptop. That means no catching up on coding. But really, how much ‘catch up’ actually happens when […]

Don’t Assume: Why Email Communication Goes Wrong

Assumptions are bad, so don’t make them. When you assume, you just make an ass out of both you and me. Today I’m talking about the risk of using email as your default for communication. It’s a terrible form of communication that denies you all the little facial and body language cues that are an […]

Set Clients up for Failure

Yup, I’ve failed. I mean totally let down a client by delivering 80% of a solution, then feeling a bit bored and not focusing on the last 20% like I should have. I’ve pushed bugs that brought down client servers, just before I went for a run or left for the day. I’ve told clients […]

The client is always right

You’ve heard this service maxim I’m sure: The customer is always right…even when they’re not. I’m also sure you’ve laughed at it and said clearly, they can’t always be right. I mean, some of the requests/emails read as though they were written by an insane four-year-old in the middle of a tantrum. Yeah, I’ve had […]

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