What do you do when you hear NO to a proposal

First remember that this is not a judgement of your personal worth. The first job now is to find out why if you can. Maybe the why will help you land work with them in the future since you won’t make the same mistake. Maybe you’ll find out that you were really just a price […]

Reasons your proposals get rejected and how to combat them

While it would be great to tell you that I win 100% of the proposals I send that would be a lie. Just today I sent a proposal and the prospect said ‘no’ for very legitimate reasons that I was unaware of (but should have been, and that’s my fault). Let’s look at the main […]

These things NEVER go in a proposal

A proposal is not a negotiation document. It’s not a place where you indicate gifts or incentives may come to the buyer. Don’t stick a bunch of charts in the proposal they’re just going to make the proposal hard to understand. A proposal is not a place for a detailed list of deliverables. A simple […]

Crafting a Successful Proposal

Today we’re going to talk about how to craft a successful proposal. Before we start, though, let’s step back and consider the goal of a proposal before we dig into the details of what actually goes into it. The sole job of a proposal is to lead the buyer into a purchase with you. It […]

Want to earn more, offer options in your proposals

I hope you don’t just send a prospect a single price in a proposal and then hope they say yes. Not sending options is going to cut your earnings and gives your prospects a binary decision. They can only say yes or no. If you take just a bit more time and dig just a […]

Defining Deliverables, Outcomes, Metrics and Values

Real business owners who want to take their business to the next level aren’t interested in airy-fairy notions of how your work will help their company. They want tangible, concrete evidence by which they can measure the success of a project. They want to know that you both line up in your thoughts on the […]

Stop wasting time by sending proposals to the wrong people

You may think that sending proposals to anyone that asks is a good thing. That volume will win the day and be reflected in your income. But you’d be wrong. A proposal is for a single person in an organization and only that one person. Watch today’s video to find out who all the wrong […]

4 reasons you rush a proposal and why they hurt you

What is your proposal win percentage? Are you happy with the rates you get on the proposals you win? If that win percentage is below 80%, or you’re not happy with your rates, you’re most likely rushing through the proposal phase. I did the same thing when I was starting out. Someone would call me […]

Want to win proposals, don’t make these 2 mistakes

We all want to win the proposals we send but it doesn’t happen. Here are 2 reasons that you don’t win proposals. 1. You never talked to the buyer You just talked to the peon that got sent out to collect proposals and they really don’t know what the economic value is of the project. […]

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