My Writing Workflow

Welcome to the final day in my series on blogging. Today we’re going to talk about my writing workflow. I’ve taken a look at my writing workflow twice before: How Evernote Took Over my Life My Writing Workflow It’s actually changed since those posts were written, even though one is barely a few months old. […]

Blogging and Quality Content

In an earlier post, we discussed the fear that you’re not a good writer. That’s a totally legitimate fear because if you haven’t done much writing then how on earth are you supposed to be good at it? There is a legitimate fear that self-publishing is going to yield low-quality writing. The simple fact Let’s face […]

When You Struggle with Blog Content

Yesterday I gave you a bunch of prompts to prime your writing pump. I could come up with another 100, and while that would help you, it still wouldn’t really give you my ‘secret’ to writing. My secret is start reading — and not just blogs, but full books. So many of my posts start […]

Are you writing for your ideal client?

It’s entirely possible that your website simply sucks. As you can tell from the title of this post, today I’m challenging you to look at who you’re writing for on your blog. It could be that you’re writing for your peers, and if so, no client is going to read your blog because it’s not […]

You Should Be Blogging

I’m going to ask you a couple of questions right now and you’re going to pretend you didn’t read the title of this post, so you don’t already have the answers. Deal? What’s the one place where you control your content and what’s done with it? What’s the place that search engines can send your […]

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