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  • OmniFocus and Things Comparison

    Good comparison of OmniFocus and Things 3. I’m wondering if TickTick is really the right tool for me. It’s falling down in the automation department because it doesn’t allow you to create a list/project automatically. These are the two strongest contenders right now.

  • The Task Managers I Recommend

    The Task Managers I Recommend

    While I’ve centralized my work on a single task manager, that doesn’t mean that I recommend my choice for everyone. In fact, I tell my wife **not** to use the task manager I use daily. It’s simply too much for her to manage. Let’s take a look at the task systems I recommend and dive…

  • This is NOT a complete review of Things 3

    This is NOT a complete review of Things 3

    While I’ve been reliant on paper based productivity for a while now, there is something about a digital task manager that still seems useful to me during times that my business is ramping up in complexity. I started this review in late September 2018 when I had 3 code projects going, 6 writing assignments for…