WordPress – Plugins or Theme Functions.php

__UPDATE__: I’ve taken a second stab at the topic on [WP Theme Tutorial][wptheme]. While I’ve mentioned it in my presentations on [Mobile WordPress development](http://www.slideshare.net/curtismchale/mobilizing-wordpress) I’ve never really expanded on my thoughts on building WordPress features in the theme functions.php file or in a plugin. ### What’s the Difference? If you’re just starting out in WordPress […]

Building Quality WordPress Themes – Theme Check Plugin

We’re continuing on our topic of writing quality WordPress themes by looking at the Theme Check plugin. Theme check was originally developed to give people writing themes for the WordPress.org repository a way to check their themes for compatibility with the theme review requirements before they uploaded their theme for review. If you’re not aware, […]

WordPress Taxonomy Images Plugin

Custom Taxonomies are awesome in WordPress but unfortunately most of the ‘solutions’ to various problems deal only with categories or tags still. Recently I had to add an image to my custom taxonomies and @_mfields again had a plugin that solved my problem. Unfortunately there was one little ‘gotcha’ with the plugin which we’ll go […]

Using stripslashes() with Theme Options

**Update:** This is not the right way to do this. Use WordPress functions to sanitize data. April 27, 2012 While I might be showing a bit about my PHP naivety but while working with theme options recently I found that some of my content had a just before a single quote. Now I knew it […]

WordPress Menu UI

Today we’ve just got a quick comment on how I think the WordPress menu UI could be improved.

Conditional Tags for Custom Taxonomies in WordPress

WordPress 3.0 gave us custom taxonomies and since we’re using them regularly we’re also getting into conditional tags with our custom taxonomies. Conditional tags for taxonomies differ from conditional tags for regular categories or tags. Below is an example of using a conditional tag for the standard ‘misc’ category found in WordPress. [php] if( is_category( […]

Building Quality WordPress Themes – Theme Unit Test

A while ago I wrote about error logging in WordPress. Today we’re going to look further at testing your theme by using the WordPress Theme Unit Test. The Theme Unit Test is really just a sample data file to download with a bunch of things for you to check on your theme. I just have […]

WordPress 3.1 and Post Formats

WordPress 3.1 is just around the corner so let’s take a quick look at one of the new features that we’ll get to take advantage of with the new version. What are Post Formats Basically post formats are little bits of meta information meant to change the display of the posts. So a link post […]

WordPress StackExchange Question of the Week – November 15 – 21

This weeks question is more a round up of WordPress resources. If you’re interested in WordPress development then hit up this list and start reading the blogs of some of the brightest minds in WordPress. Truth to tell there are probably more resources here than most people could go through on a regular basis.

Building High Quality WordPress Themes

Lately I’ve been working through WordPress documentation on the recommended best practices for building WordPress themes. I figure that going through all the recommendations of WordPress not only teaches me how to be a better WordPress developer but also lets me server my clients better (and doing the best work for my clients is what […]

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