• Putting aside time to write

    Putting aside time to write

    My friend Matthew has been trying to write a blog post a day and has been having trouble with it. I think that every writer has this at some point. They day to day of life (kids, laundry, clients/job) just gets in the way of what we want to do. If you’re thinking that this […]

  • Shortcuts to make your Evernote workflow faster

    Shortcuts to make your Evernote workflow faster

    I’m gearing up to write a few big posts on Evernote, but I figured I’d give you a taste today. Here are some of the keyboard shortcuts and methods I use to make Evernote more useful to my workflow. Evernote Shortcuts All of these are executed inside the Evernote application. ⌃⌘m – Move a note…

  • ROI on WP Pros

    ROI on WP Pros

    WP Daily launched WP Pros last week and I was able to get in before launch. In the interest of disclosure, I was given a limited time free account. The real question with any service like this, is how do you decide if it’s worth $20/month (or whatever your particular cost is)? I’ll show you…

  • What Grass to Water

    What Grass to Water

    In a Twitter DM conversation Brian Krogsgard accused me of not plugging myself enough. He’s probably right, as much as I know about WordPress and running a business I simply get more joy from plugging others. More than that, I’m probably a bit shy about throwing myself a big party for any little thing I…

  • You Should be Plugging other Developers

    You Should be Plugging other Developers

    Update: I expanded a bit on this as well. I love to plug other developers, even for work that I could do. One of my favourite things to do is to help others succeed, and not just in development. Over the years I’ve taught beginners skills in: Whitewater Kayaking Rock Climbing Cycling General Business I…

  • 10 Years with a Woman I Love

    10 Years with a Woman I Love

    10 years ago today I married the best woman on earth. Let me tell you what 10 years means to me. 10 years means that I know my best friend better. It means 10 more years of experience with her. It means 10 years of joy and fun. It means the thought of not having…

  • Why Standard Theme?

    Why Standard Theme?

    Yes my site has a new look, and no I didn’t build it from scratch even though I can. I purchased the Standard Theme from 8bit. Why did I purchase a theme despite the fact that I make a living building custom WordPress themes? That Mechanic We’ve all heard the story about a mechanic with…

  • Does Trello work to Run Your Business?

    Does Trello work to Run Your Business?

    My latest stop in software to try and run my business has been Trello. Unlike Daylite (read my Daylite review), Trello is not a specifically tailored CRM and Project management application. I say that Trello is not ‘specifically tailored’ because Trello takes a such an open approach to dealing with managing business tasks. You can’t…

  • Thoughts on Product Pricing

    Thoughts on Product Pricing

    I’ve got 1 product out and have a few others on the mind (need to choose one I know) so this article about pricing products and services is great. The bottom tier of any pricing grid experiences the highest churn. Intuitively this makes sense; small early stage businesses are more likely to fail than larger…

  • I was a guest on the Freelancer’s Show 063

    I was a guest on the Freelancer’s Show 063

    In this week’s show I was simply guesting, but I’ve now been asked to come on as a regular host. It’s typically been a Ruby focused show (in that the hosts work in the Ruby field) but is one of the best podcasts on freelancing. In fact it’s the only one I’ve been listening to…