Work with me

If you’re ready to stop struggling along in your work and start making real forward progress

If you’re ready to stop running a hobby and start running a business

Then maybe you’re ready to work with me.

I’m looking for people that:

  • are ready to do some hard work
  • will dig deep and take the scary steps they need to in their business
  • will start saying no more often to prospects
  • are willing to find a niche and then occupy it (not just talk about it)
  • want to have their feet held to the fire about the actions they know they should be doing

Where to Start

The best place to start is with The 8 Week Business BootCamp video series. This will walk you through all the work needed to lay a foundation for your business.

You’ll have your goals set. Your niche narrowed and your ideal client profiles built.

A few times a year I open it up for a live coached version. There are only 5 seats available when I open it up, and it’s offered first to those that have done the video course already.

John Locke when through the group coaching and it transformed his business.

Lockedown Design

But I want to be coached

Not into group coaching? Want to accelerate your growth and go directly to one on one coaching starting with The 8 Week Business BootCamp?

I have limited 1 on 1 coaching spots available, so send me an email to ask about availability of the 1 on 1 version of The 8 Week Business BootCamp.

But I need more than 4 coaching calls

I hear you, 4 calls and The 8 Week Business BootCamp is just the start of building an awesome business.

The 8 Week Business BootCamp lays the foundation for your business, but you still have a bunch of work to build something that will last and provide for your family.

You’ll hit snags and rough patches. The best-laid plans will need adjustment.

If you’re interested in long-term coaching, there are two options.

1: Group Coaching $250/month

Group coaching meets weekly. We cover your actions as setup in The 8 Week Business BootCamp and help you with your business. Groups are only ever 5 people, so you get lots of time to cover your needs.

2: 1 on 1 coaching $4500/6 months

If you’re ready to step up your growth and address only the needs you have, then 1 on 1 coaching is for you.

1 on 1 coaching is $4500 for a six-month commitment. With 1 on 1 coaching, you’ll get calls every other week. When we’re not in a call week, you should be spending our meeting time working on your business as an extra hour, not doing client work.

That’s wasting your time and my time. I don’t work with people that waste my time.

I promise you that if you do the work you’re going to accelerate your business growth. You’re going to run a stronger business with better clients for the money you deserve.

You’ll do it in a reasonable amount of time.

You can enjoy your work again.

To get a head start, join thousands of other men and Stop The Struggle.Get my free eBook to help you stop working all the hours without traction.

You’ll also get a weekly email with good resources to help you do family with the same intention you do your work. Both need to run well if you want to win.