In this great article on letting kids be bored here is one highlight.

When not being uberparented, kids today are left to their own devices — their own digital devices, that is. Parents preparing for a long car ride or airplane trip are like Army officers plotting a complicated land maneuver. Which movies to load onto the iPad? Should we start a new family-friendly podcast? Is this an O.K. time to let the kids play Fortnite until their brains melt into the back seat? What did parents in the ’70s do when kids were bored in the way-back? Nothing! They let them breathe in gas fumes. Torture their siblings. And since it wasn’t actually for wearing, play with the broken seatbelt.

We’ve been doing much less device time for kids over the last few months and pretty quick they stopped even asking. They’re happily playing right now and do so more and more without prompting me for stuff to do.

It’s nice and I wonder why I would bring back regular device time at all.

Also, why is it suddenly okay for me to have so much more device time outside of work?