Joe Buhlig Has Me Tempted to Look at OmniFocus Again

Okay so Joe has me tempted to look at OmniFocus again, despite my love of notebooks and a modified Bullet Journal system.

Here's the thing though, my system works for what my life is now so I'm not going to change it. That said, if I was to take a job somewhere or have some other big change in how my life runs then it would be a time to look at my productivity setup and choose the best setup for the way my life runs currently.

I don't think that you should go chasing the new hotness. Almost every time, the problem is that you're not using the system well. You're not saying no to the things you should be saying no to. That your task list is actually a wish list of things you'd like to think you'll do, but you won't.

That's one of the big reasons I love notebooks. They default to no. If I don't move things forward, then it's not on my current list. Digital tools, keep pulling the cruft forward all the time so that you just have a big ever growing wish list that you can never get through.

Hrm, I bet you could build a Shortcut to eliminate any task in a project that doesn't have a specific tag. Maybe even file the whole project if it doesn't meet certain criteria in some catchall heading that meant it was dead.