I do my best to make sure that any sponsored content stands as far away from my opinions and reviews as possible.

When I’m doing a paid review, the company paying for it does not get to see it first or make any changes to my review. You get my honest opinion, or I don’t do the review.

When I’m doing a sponsored spot, the company paying only gets a say in the short segment that is their ad read. I will never say I use something lots that I don’t in fact use. This is one reason you don’t see many sponsored videos on my site. I also only take sponsors that have a product I’m interested in. No Windows task managers here because I don’t use Windows.

The stories I could tell about being asked to shill for a terrible product and how much they’re willing to pay would curl your toes.

If you think I’ve made a mistake and I’m confusing what content is sponsored and what is not, please let me know. I started writing and making videos because I was interested in stuff and wanted to share it. I never wanted to be the marketing arm of some big company.

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