While note-taking seems easy at first, it can get complicated fast.

I help people build a note-taking system that produces something.

I don’t want you to just take notes for the sake of taking notes. I want you to produce something of value with your notes. I want to help you build a process for taking your notes, processing them, and getting value out of them.

photo of woman writing on tablet computer while using laptop

A good process is tool agnostic

– Curtis

There are a few ways I can help you.

  1. If you’re finding it hard to know where to put your notes, I can help you build a good process to get your notes into your system.
  2. If you never get back to processing your notes, I will help you build priority around processing them so you can make better connections.
  3. If you’re not producing what you want with your notes, I’ll help you start making progress.
  4. If you’ve got a team I can help you centralize your documentation so that you don’t have silo’s where knowledge gets lost.

After seeing several of his videos on YouTube, I reached out to Curtis. We worked together over several sessions on technical details within Obsidian, possible workflows, and suggested best practices – a key one for me was using the random note plug-in to seed a session and start making connections. I really enjoyed his ability to grasp both what I was interested in doing and where I needed help getting unstuck.

Rob S PhD

If you’re interesting in getting started the best way is to book an introduction video call to talk about your needs.

Email curtis@curtismchale.ca to get started improving your note systems.