Star Trek Book Tag

Today we're doing the Stark Trek book tag which I heard about thanks to the [Bookish Bryants]( Go check out their version of the tag for more book goodness. 1. Pick a book that has influence you or has been influential in your choice of career Purchase Wrinkle in Time: [Independent Bookstore]( | [Amazon]( | [Book Depository]( 2. Pick a book in the same genre as TOS and published between 20 and 100 year later Purchase Wildwood: [Independent Publisher]( | [Amazon]( | [Book Depository]( 3. Pick a book with a strong sense of setting Purchase On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness: [Independent Publisher]( | [Amazon]( | [Book Depository]( 4. Pick a book about a journey or voyage Purchase Neverwhere: [Independent Publisher]( | [Amazon]( | [Book Depository]( 5. Returning to TOS and TNG, pick a book between 20 or 100 years before your TOS pick Purchase Treasure Island: [Independent Publisher]( | [Amazon]( | [Book Depository]( 6. Pick a book that has divided the fandom or community Purchase 12 Rules for Life: [Independent Publisher]( | [Amazon]( | [Book Depository]( Purchase a Brief History of Misogyny: [Independent Publisher]( | [Amazon]( | [Book Depository]( 7. Pick a book that wears its influences on its sleeve Purchase Dark Tower Series: [Independent Publisher]( | [Amazon]( | [Book Depository](