February 19th, 2021

Books To Help You Be a Good Manager - Friday Notes 136

Last week I talked about my job change and in response to that I've got a bunch of books suggested. Thanks to Tim and Brian and Riaan for the suggestions I'm passing on.

Now I'm not going to read all of these right through, but they'll likely dominate my reading over the next 12 months.

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I've Shipped

Monday I talked about feeding my research habits with DEVONthink and Craft. This is about the research tools I think are the best and where I go to find information.

Today I talk about Little Bets by Peter Sims. Decent book that covers some good ground, but I think that there are better books in the genre. That would mean reading three books instead of one though so...you may not be into that.

I also launched a Discord Server this week. If you want to talk about books, and read a book together with some time to talk about it then you can join. Patrons get to also talk about courses as they're being worked on.