PKM Weekly for March 20 – Issue 011

Welcome to the PKM weekly newsletter. My goal is to round up good resources in the PKM space so you don’t have to.

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Bigger Ideas

Platform agnostic ideas that may help your PKM process. They may feature a software, but I think they apply to more than a single platform.

Here is another good review of How to Take Smart Notes.

Richard has a short review of The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker, which is about writing in the 21st Century. I just added this to my shelf last week.

Elizabeth wrote a good article on how to take future proof notes.

Haikal struggled with taking notes until he found Beau Haan’s Roam Zettelkasten Method.

Here is a method to read research papers.

I know some people struggle to see the utility in reading fiction, so here is a case for how it helps make you a better person.

Some tips on how to research a topic and how to write an essay.

And another tour of how someone does the research needed for a large YouTube channel to make sure their topics are accurate.

Greg extol’s the virtues of going analogue.

Maybe Kanban isn’t what you want and tags are better.

Eleanor has a good article about rebranding your TBR list.

Looks like we’re getting an entire book on notes called Duly Noted by Jorge Arango. You can subscribe for updates.

This is a good forum discussion about building a web of knowledge.

Here is Eleanor’s workflow chart for working notes.

Something Interesting

Because it’s all about thinking harder and better so here are some interesting things from the week.

I liked Justin’s take on work-life balance.

Why cities build downtown malls.


How to take notes in Notion as a student .

NotePlan 3.4.1 brings export to RTF, support for Right-to-Left scripts and YAML frontmatter in your notes.

I’m not much in the Window’s world, so here is a list of good note-taking applications for the platform.

DEVONthink updated to 3.8.3 which brings some enhanced PDF features and JSON export of document metadata.

Hook updated to support Obsidian, and MarsEdit.


Documentation is hard, and maybe RemNote isn’t doing a great job.

Here is some custom CSS to reduce the size of previews.

Here is a video on Aliases and Pins.


This is a good overview of how to take notes on YouTube videos with logseq. He’s using some specific automations that work in logseq to make this much easier.

Jeffery goes over his favourite features in logseq.

There is a request for search in the keyboard shortcuts screen.

Drafts to logseq workflow?

Another documentation improvement request for another tool.


Looks like we may have some problems with the storageApi in Craft forgetting stuff.

Craftist extension has a new update.

Another big update to Craftcuts.

Some questions in Slack about the business plan for Craft, all about pricing and billing.

If you have data retention policies as work that mean you can’t use cloud sync, Craft has you covered but you loose some functionality.


Justin takes a good look at an Obsidian vault that helps you manage project goals.

This plugin that allows you to apply regex search and replace patterns looks cool.

This card switcher alternative to the quick switcher looks cool.

Santi has a quick video on being more efficient with moving around headings and bullets.

Jamie walks us through the evolution of his daily notes system.

You can run Obsidian in a remote Docker Container.

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