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Do you own the things you love?

Digital purchasing isn’t ownership and it’s getting hard to get physical copies of anything. Paris Marx has a long story about how much work he had to do to get Dune Part 1 on 4k Bluray recently and CJ Chilvers talks about why he purchases CDs again.

I used to purchase all my movies from Apple, but after a few times where my credit card had an issue on a new purchase which locked all my past purchases I realized that I didn’t own the past purchases either. Apple owned them and graciously allowed me to watch them if I continued to conform to their term, pray they don’t change them further.

I also used to purchase most books on Kindle and went so far as to sell most of my library until I watched Amazon pull books back from people that they had purchased already.

I believe that you should own your books and feel that this should extend to any media you really like. I still rent movies on Apple’s platform sometimes but I tread it like Blockbuster. We watch a movie and if we like it enough we purchase it.

What about buying an Encyclopedia?

This was a very interesting article about purchasing a set of Encyclopedia’s. I must say, they’re beautiful and I’m tempted by many of the arguments to purchase a set for my kids to use as the first spot to try and answer many of the same questions the author talks about.

Others on analogue

If you’re looking for some good reading on analogue things then I’d recommend The Revenge of Analog and I have the follow up The Future is Analog on my shelf to read.

Analogue items can’t be taken away. An algorithm doesn’t control what I see when I look at my bookshelf or when I go to the library or book store. I get to meander among the shelves and see what piques my interest. I get to have long discussions with the staff where we trade personal book recommendations.

I much prefer this unplugged world than the one where a handful of companies dictate what I see.

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