The blogosphere is all abuzz with Google’s new entry into the browser market. I realize that I’m a little guy but I thought that I would share my impressions of the new browser. No screenshots here as many others have done it much better that I will have the time for.

My first irritation is when installing the app. I have to close Firefox (with which I am currently writing the post you are reading) for Chrome to import bookmarks…

So now that I shut down Firefox (and Thunderbird) Chrome imported all of my passwords and bookmarks or did it. I started off my test by heading over to the Freelance Switch Forums only to find that Chrome hadn’t brought over my passwords from Firefox. A minor irritation but an irritation all the same. It did bring in a current version of my bookmarks toolbar though which is pretty cool.

The second site I visted was my own portfolio and whew…a new browser didn’t break the design. That is a great reason that I code standard compliant XHTML/CSS. Chrome runs on Webkit, which also powers Safari, so I am safe (another win for the standard zealots).

Overall Chrome seems to be pretty cool. It has some very cool features (like only one tab crashing not the whole browser). I do wonder if we really need this new browser though?

Any one else with opinions please pass them on.