Starting off today is a great article listing lots of helpful hints on writing an XHTML Strict web page. Whether you like XHTML Strict or not it’s here so here are some hints on how to write it if you choose to write your next website in the Strict Doctype.

Are you a student or full time designer looking to get out an freelance or build your portfolio? If so this article is for you. Written more specifically to student’s it covers how to fill out your portfolio and gain some reputable work experience. There are definitely some great suggestions for those of us that are looking to break into the freelance market as well.

On the same theme want to bring in more local business then check out this post on how to get free local advertising on Google. An amazing post that requires very little work and can yield some amazing results. Read through the post and get some free advertising.

Finishing off our marketing theme is a post from Small Fuel on learning marketing from McDonald’s. Have you thought about selling packaged services? I bet you will after reading this brief post.