We’ll start off today with a link for all programmers on how to be more productive. The one that I loved was using something like textexpander (Mac) or texter (Windows) for coding. Remember this is not just for coding. I set it up for my email signature the name of the place I work fulltime… Try it out typing will never be the same.

Second up today is a great list of plugins to add to your WordPress install. Ranging from the pragmatic delay of sending things on your RSS feed to make sure you spelled everything right to the technical that allow you to play with the PHP of your widgets. Look through and you’ll probably find one or two that will suit the needs of your blog.

Designers are always looking for cool design elements. Over at Smashing Magazine there are some cool animal RSS icons available for free right now. Take a peak and put them aside for the project that they fit.

How about we finish off with a fun one. Niki over at the Design O’ Blog asked designers to send in pictures of their shoes cause we all know that designers dress cool. There are some cool shoes in here so if your looking for a new pair head over there and get some ideas to spice up your shoe collection.