CSS Image Trickery

Both of these articles come from the newest addition to my RSS feeds sohtanaka.com. First off is an article on adding effects to images with some CSS and HTML. Pretty neat and shows much of what you can do without encasing the entire effect in an image.

The second article from sohtanaka.com deals with a double repeating background image on a header. Another very good piece of CSS and image trickery to achieve a specific effect.

Photoshop Texture Brushes

A pretty cool set of Free Photoshop brushes is available from a friend over at Design by Firgs. Free to use but don’t distribute or sell them yourself.

Staying in Sync

Many designer use gmail and I also use Google Calendar cause I can sync it everywhere. Now google just released a cool tool to make syncing gcal and ical easier. Wish I had this last week when I synced up my gcal at work and my freelance and my mobile and my PC at home. Ah well the work is done.