I haven’t done a link round up in a bit but there have been some awesome articles around lately so I’ll pass them on.

The Little Things in UI Design

First up is a great article on the little things in User Interface design from Smashing magazine. It really is the little things that make a nice design amazing so go check out the post and polish up your thoughts on the little things.

Fonts on the Web

If you have worked on the web for a bit you have been highly frustrated by the state of typography online (or you put enough work into your typography). Web Designer Wall had a great post evaluating the techniques for displaying unique fonts on the web that is worth a read.

Get new Language Skills

I often say that I really need to learn the intricacies of PHP and not just the surfacy stuff. Nettuts has a great article on how to learn a new language fast. Since many of us have some extra time over Christmas using that time to learn a new language might be a good idea.