Most creatives work on side projects. Side projects keep us fresh they force us to learn new concepts or programming languages that just makes us better at our normal work. It can also open up new opportunities in our careers.

Currently I have two new side projects. First I have been a registered Apple developer for a long time but I have decided to make use of that. I will be starting to develop iPhone apps. Really this is mainly for my fulltime job but I am pretty interested in this so I’ll be spending my own time on it.

Second I’ll be putting some time into learning Ruby on Rails. I started attending a local meetup (the only one on my area) that is a meetup of Ruby guys. They have got me excited about developing with Ruby.

Upcoming I’ll probably be putting up some screencasts of my work in both of these fields. Wish me luck and hey if any of you are good at these things I’d love some links to resources and tips to watch out for in the comments.