shot of tweetdeck
shot of tweetdeck

The Annoyance

I have been on Twitter for a while (Follow Me) and recently I have been noticing a trend with designer’s tweeting and offering their services for ‘rock bottom prices.’ Many days I see someone offer a deal to the next 5 people that tweet them. The ‘best’ I saw was logo’s for $97 to the next 5 tweeters. Really logo’s for for $97. Is that what your services are worth? Really?

The Meaning

I’m not sure what the marketing plan is for these people. If I was just on their site and searched their name to do some further research on the quality of their services what impression would I get from that tweet?

I realize that they may just be offering this service to people to be nice. They probably are not cut rate cheap designer’s but the message they just sent was that their services come cheap. If I see your tweet for a $97 logo why on earth would I pay your full rate when you quote it to me? Reallly give me a reason to pay it!

The Message

Remember clients now are getting media savy. They will look you up on social sites. So make sure your marketing message matches everywhere.