Web Designer Magazine Comment – The Demise of Geocities

Curtis McHale in Web Designer Magazine

For a second time I was asked for a comment in Web Designer Magazine. This time dealt with the recent demise of Geocities.

For my part it is sad to see Geocities go in one sense. The first sites (if they could be called that) I ever built were built on Geocities. I had a ton of fun hacking around with code on my dad’s computer till he would kick me off so real work could get done. When I learned to tile a background I was pretty excited. When I saw my first animated .gif and got it on my site…wow I was over the moon.

The reality is that hosting does cost money and if there is no ROI then services will close. The time for Geocities may be gone but it still occupies a nostalgic piece of my heart. A bigger piece might be glad that any clients won’t stumble across my first ventures into the web design field.

Full magazine image Web Designer Magazine
Full magazine image Web Designer Magazine