Again today on my ride I ended up with a broken spoke. This is the 4th one in 2 months. All have been on the non-drive side of the rear wheel and all have broken at the nipple. Yeah you’re right that’s totally an odd spot for it to continually happen, but that’s where they keep breaking.

After consulting with my local bike shop I’m just going to replace the affected spoke instead of one entire side of the wheel. There really seems to be two schools of thought on that though.

My closest LBS (yeah I’ve kinda go two that I frequent) likes to leave it alone if it ain’t broke. Since my other spokes aren’t currently broken they suggest leaving them, despite my repeated breaks.

The shop on the other end of town (not considered my LBS) says if you break a single spoke it’s time to toss them all and rebuild a wheel.

While spokes aren’t all that expensive I’d love to keep out of investing my time to rebuild the wheel. Sure I love doing maintenance on my bike but I just don’t want to build the wheel up.

Any other opinions? Do I change all the spokes? Leave it to see if more go?