If you’re checking out this site you can see that I’m riding a fair bit and I’m not just riding, but scheduling different workouts. Certain weeks are intervals, other times I’m working on hills. Basically I’m following the periodization method of training.

Honestly I have no idea what (if anything) I’m really training for. I don’t have a specific goal really. Sure I’d like to drop to 180lbs and be healthy but I don’t have a race goal.

I’ve been looking at racing again (I raced x-country MTB about 10 years ago), but this time on the road. Unfortunatley the dang BC/Canada road racing site is entirely baffling.

As I understand it I’ve got to get a membership. Then I get a Novice card. With my Novice card I can only participate in certain races. After I get some experience (5 races I think) I can then start getting point as a Cat 4/5 racer…..

But honestly looking at the schedule I have no idea which races I can actually go in.

Any Canadian/BC racers out there that want to give me a better explanation?