Since I’ve been reading lots about training lately in prep for possibly racing in the 2011 season I figured I’d round-up the list of resources I’m looking at for the latest information on training. I have a preference for sites that are using actual scientific research when commenting on training.


VeloNews is not only the best resource (that I’ve found) for pro racing news, it’s also one wicked spot for training. Not only do they answer reading questions they really dig into the science with some pretty in-depth articles (check this one on pedaling). The only complaint I have about the site is that I can’t just subscribe to the training category. As ‘interesting’ as pro news is I really just want to read about training, not about who got caught doping this week.

Training Peaks

Not only does TrainingPeaks offer some of the most complete training log software (although ugly) around they also have a pretty decent blog. They have access to some pretty high-profile athletes who consent to have their race power profiles published for us to see an analyze.

Joe Friel’s Blog

Joe Friel is one of the big names in bicycle training, he’s even written one of the best cycling training books. His blog covers everything from power meter profiles from a race to continued performance as you get older.

Now I’ll warn you right now there are a ton of popups and ads all over but if you have your popup blocker on and can ignore flashing things flying around then hit up the site and specifically the training/nutrition section.

Those are the best sources I’ve found so far. Any great sites I’ve missed?