For the 2 people that actually read this, you’ll notice I’ve been silent for a bit. We recently spent 6 weeks in Ontario and I was unable to fit my stationary trainer in the car so the bike was left in BC. This means I spent 6 weeks with little/no physical activity. Sure I got to walk the dog 3 times a day but that’s a far cry from 250KM a week of riding.

I cautiously stepped on the scale when I got home to find that I weighted in at 189lbs with 24.7% body fat. That’s a gain of 2% body fat and 11lbs while I was gone. It certainly wasn’t muscle so I guess I have to blame my mother-in-law and her amazing cooking (of course eating it isn’t my fault).

Now we’re back at it. I figure that to be really competitive this summer racing (if I really end up doing so) I’ll need to be around 170lbs so I’ve got 19lbs to go. Back to building base and then after a few weeks into some intervals.