I wrote not long ago about the items you really need to train and judge the results of your training. As I mentioned then both my cycling computer and my heart rate monitor seemed to choose when to work. So I called Sigma to ask about the computer not working. I’ll totally admit that part of me hoped they’d just send me a new computer (like someone else I know) and while that didn’t happen I believe we’ve tracked the issue down.

It seems that LED lights aren’t truly on. They just flash so fast that we can’t see it flash. While they flash rapidly they cause interference with other wireless items like my cycling computer mounted almost directly beside it.


So what options do we have since I still ride early enough to need a light and still want to track my stats?

  1. Change where the computer is mounted. It seems that sometimes you can adjust the mounting of the computer and light to find a dead spot in the interference. You may need to put them directly beside each other or move them farther apart.

    I was able to test different positions right in my house. Unfortunately none fixed the problem.

  2. Get a light with more shielding. I’ll be the first to say that my light was cheap. I saw darkness coming and didn’t want to stop riding so I got what I could afford. It seems that there are more expensive lights that are better at sheilding the interference. Unfortunately their out of my price range at this point.

  3. Get a computer with a better transmitter/receiver.

  4. Make some shielding.
  5. Get eye surgery like Vin Diesel in Pitch Black (and Chronicles of Riddick). This option has the highest cool factor since it involves escape from maximum security prison and aliens, some pretty mean looking felines that like you, and you become ruler of a civilization at the end. The downside is that you loose the girl and you’re only friend dies. The cool looking eyes are totally worth it and since you can see in the dark you can throw the light out. Now some may think that no one can see you. Heck you already escaped prison and rule the world, you’re obviously tougher than any vehicle.

  6. Purchase an iPhone and use Runkeeper to track your distance and replace your heart rate monitor batteries. It’s cool because you get an iPhone and can live track your time for loved ones. It’s a bit dorky because no one really wants to see every second of your 100KM ride no matter how much you want them to be interested.

I ended up fixing my issue with the last option. I own an iPhone and just use Runkeeper. Once I turn the light off I’ll get the computer going again for visual feedback (since the iPhone is in a jersey pocket).