I’ve finally decided to jump in to the world of racing. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that this won’t actually be my first time racing bicycles this is just my first time racing on the road.

In my younger years ( 12 − 20 ) I raced cross country mountain bikes in Ontario Canada. Out there I was the fastest of my friends and pretty dang fast compared to the other riders in my categories. If I’m honest with myself I hope I’m still faster than the category I’ll start in, I’d love to have some famed beginner to sponsored rider story like Eve Stevens has. In reality that’s unlikely but it’s nice to dream.

With 1 week till the race and 4 weeks of being lazy (with 8 weeks before that of no riding) I actually expect that I’m going to have a tough time keeping up with the other Novices, especially given that this is the 4th race of the spring series. I assume that at least some of them have been racing the whole series and will be much faster than I.

With one hard interval session under my belt this morning I plan one more on Tuesday then an easy ride to two with Saturday totally off so I can be as fresh as possible for Sunday. I don’t really expect to pick up a bunch of fitness before then but I hope at least to prepare the legs for some punishment they haven’t received in a few months.

Wish me luck.