Inspired by this thread I figured I’d share a trick I use to drink water regularly.

Like many people today I have a job that doesn’t really demand much of my physically. I sit at my desk all day and type or click a mouse and that’s about the extent of my physical activity during the work day.

As such I also don’t drink near enough water during the day which puts me behind when it comes to ridiing, this is especially problematic during the hot summer.

Last summer I found a great ‘trick’ to help me drink lots of water daily, put it in my coffee cup. I’ve never had a hard time finishing multiple cups of coffee in a day while they’re still hot so one day I wondered if I could use this fact to encourage myself to drink water. Sure enough some switch flips in my head and I refill my cup multiple times a day with water. When I tried a water bottle or regular cup it was unlikely I’d finish the first fill.

Please feel free to steal this trick and let me know your results.