This is my first season racing and I’ve found that attacks can come fast and furious. As soon as you’ve hung on through one attack someone else decides to do it again and you’ve got to go hard with little/no rest. With that in mind I’ve got a workout designed to make you go hard when you’re tired.

1. Warmup 10 minutes or whatever you normally do just make sure you’re limber
2. 60 seconds hard. 9 out of 10 effort
3. 30 seconds medium or 6 out of 10 effort
4. 30 seconds hard or 9 out of 10 effort
5. 2 minutes rest or 4 out of 10 effort

Rinse and repeat the interval chunk 5 times and you’ve got a good workout. Take a 10 minute cool down ride after for about 40 minutes of riding.