Experiencing Pain

With a great sense of accomplishment I rolled in to my home after a wicked [112km ride](http://app.strava.com/rides/464574). I enjoyed 1200m of climbing and some awesome scenery and then climbing the stairs for a much needed shower it hit, knee pain. Figuring it was really just left over tired from a long day I thought little of it.

Sitting 5 days out from the ride and still having knee pain I’m thinking this is probably a bigger issue than originally anticipated. With that in mind I’ve booked myself a fit with [SpeedTHEORY](http://www.speedtheory.ca/van/) in Vancouver. SpeedTHEORY came highly recommended from some of the local racers so I’m pretty excited about the fit (my first professional fit).

I’ll take some pictures of the fit next week and everything we did.

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