Oooops, totally meant to post this on Tuesday to go with the ride in question. While I’ve read Joe Friel’s blog on training for a while his recent posts on LHT tests have piqued my interest so I decided to get out and try it. I’ll admit up front that I don’t have a perfect grasp, really even a fleeting inkling, of exactly how to use this information to gauge my training goals but I figure that as I learn more I’ll be able to return to the data and draw some conclusions.

Unfortunately the Garmin Edge 500 doesn’t let you set laps by times (I believe this can be accomplished with the desktop software though). I remembered that my 10km intervals were about 20 minutes which would line up to the time that Joe says you need to track to gauge your LHT in this 30 minute test.

I started out with a 10 minute warm up then spend 30 minutes going as hard as I could and took my 2nd lap (as denoted by the 10km distance) as my 20 minute test showing my LHT. My second lap did involve two stop lights so I’ll also admit that it may not be as accurate as we want but we’ve at least got something to start basing numbers off.

I used the rest of the ride to enjoy the scenery and get real tired (since I knew I’d be taking 2 maybe 3 days off).

Overlooking the Local River
Overlooking the Local River – Yeah I paddle that lots

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