For the month of May I set a goal of 1000km of riding in the month. This month I’ve decided to up the ante a bit by going for 1000km and 10,000m of climbing. I managed to get 6700m of climbing last month. So it will be a bit of work.

The reality is that I’ve set a goal of 10,000m per month for 12 months. Unfortunately Strava doesn’t start it as of the current month which means I’ve got to get more than 10,000m a number of months to actually meet the goal of 109.8k meters of climbing.

The hardest part about getting that much vertical is that it’s pretty dang flat around Chilliwack. Sure I’m in BC and I’ve got mountains but I’m in the middle of a valley, I’ve got 20km of riding to do before I even get to a hill of note. To accomplish this goal I’m probably going to have to ride loops once I get in the mountains or drive out to Abbotsford and ride loops around Sumas Mountain.

In all honesty my secret goal is to train hard enough to win the Strava monthly challenge which means I’ve got to beat [this guy]( who had something like 31,000m of climbing last month and is a Cat 1 racer.

Well wish me luck and [follow my progress]( on Strava. If you’re not familiar with Strava then check out my [recent review](