Currently I have 4 blogs that I run and write for as the sole contributor. You can read about me and cycling, Apps and Productivity, and WordPress. This has me spread thin on actual posting on the sites and spreads traffic to my content to many spots.

Lately I’ve been contemplating pulling 2 of the sites (Cycling and Apps) in to this site. So this site would become more of a personal site where I would write about everything that interests me.

I don’t plan on pulling in the WordPress site though. I have other plans for it so until I totally abandon them I’d like to keep my WordPress writing in one spot. In theory I’ll be selling training resources there at some point this year.

The only thing I’m really still thinking about on the move is what to do with the content. The cycling site has few posts and little traffic so I’ll just import the posts and redirect the site to a new category. My writing on Apps and Productivity does see a decent amount of traffic though and I don’t want to loose it all. I have been wondering if setting up 301 redirects for all the posts is worth it. It would ensure that searches for my content would get what they are looking for so from a user perspective it seems like the best option.

Having 2 less sites to care for would also let me finally get to the redesign of this site, which has been sorely needed for a while now.